Sports Medicine

There is incontrovertible evidence of the benefits of regular physical activity in the primary and secondary prevention of several chronic diseases, on contrary a sedentary lifestyle can progress into a Sedentary Death Syndrome (SeDS), which is a major Public Health burden due to its causing multiple chronic diseases and a large amount of premature deaths each year. In Italy, Sports Medicine represents a fundamental reference for those practicing physical activity at competitive or non-competitive level; its purposes include: health care of the athletes practicing all kind of sports, through the pre-participation screening for elegibility (such screening constitutes an established medical programme that has been implemented for more than 30 years), and the promotion of diagnostic and therapeutic protocols to guarantee the state of health of individual at high risk or carrying a specific diagnosed disease.
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It is indeed quite a challenge to define sports medicine in a way that suits the greatest number. The reason is that the speciality involves a wide scope of different healthcare measures for a very broad population, from professional athletes to recreative active individuals. It contains diagnostic, curative, rehabilitative and preventive medical measures, on the field, in the clinic and the medical office or even in the physiology laboratory. And this heterogeneity also concerns the physicians practicing – or pretending it! – sports medicine.
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