Athletes have a relevant risk of shoulder problems that do not only affect the typical overhead sports. In most cases, these are overuse problems that can be treated with consistent therapy, training optimisation and temporary abstinence from sports if they are recognised promptly. In parallel, depending on the type of sport, traumatic shoulder injuries can be found, which are usually easier to recognise in diagnostics and sometimes also require surgical therapy. In this paper, we give an overview of the various diagnoses and the main features of treatment.
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Hip disorders are increasingly common in pediatric and adolescent athletes, being both idiopathic problems aggravated by sports and overuse injuries caused by sports. These disorders are a major cause of morbidity and their long-term consequences carry into adulthood. In the past these problems have been primarily treated with open surgery using a surgical hip dislocation, but due to improved instruments and techniques, hip arthroscopy is becoming a mainstay in their treatment. Arthroscopic management allows assessment and reconstructive treatment of most problems in practically all parts of the hip.
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