The aim of the study was the evaluation of the correlation between maximal strength and muscle mass depending on the kind of analysis which was used. Two different methods of strength evaluation and several morphological parameters were used. 77 male participants (age: 27,2 ± 6,6 years; body height: 179,9 ± 4,0 cm; body weight: 82,5 ± 10,4 kg) joined the study. Maximal strength was tested by measuring the isometric force (MIF) and analysing the one repetition maximum (1RM). The morphological data was captured by magnetic resonance imaging. The volume of the muscle (VOL), the biggest cross sectional area (QSMAX), the cross sectional area of the upper (QS30), middle (QS60) and lower (QS90) third of the scanned area of the arm flexors were examined.
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