The aims of this study were to describe the prevalence of bony morphology in football players with and without hip related groin pain, and to determine the association between pain and bony morphology in these athletes (soccer and Australian football players; subelite level; mean age: 26 years old, 80% men; 187 symptomatic and 55 asymptomatic). All subjects underwent specific x-rays exams (­supine AP pelvis, Dunn 45°) and filled the International Hip Outcome Tool (IHOT-33).
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Femoroacetabular impingement (FAI) is a pathomechanical process of the hip, which can occur in every individual but has a higher prevalence in physically active subjects such as athletes. It is mainly due to bony deformities at the proximal femur and/or acetabulum in conjunction with rigorous or supraphysiological hip ranges of motion. FAI may lead to chondrolabral lesions, hip pain and development of early hip osteoarthritis. Symptomatic FAI patients may present functional limitations during daily activities and sports, reduced hip muscle strength as well as hip joint kinematic and kinetic alterations during weight-bearing activities.
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