The elbow is a frequently underestimated and commonly misunderstood joint, leading to a considerable amount of clinical problems. A large part of this due to the largely overlapping and often unspecific symptoms of various diseases and injuries. A better understanding of elbow symptoms and the clinical exam of the elbow is the key to unlocking elbow pathology. This paper reviews a comprehensive and concise exam of the elbow that can easily be employed in a primary care sports medicine setting.
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The shoulder is the second most commonly injured joint in Sports Traumatology. A thorough clinical examination is mandatory for a strategic therapy regime. A standardized and, importantly, gentle and pain sparing, physical examination not only builts the basis for above mentioned, yet also provides a base in the doctor-patient relationship. The following guideline is meant to aid in these regards. Nonetheless, clinical experience is of utmost importance in combination with a correct physical examination. Hence, if hesitation is present about the diagnosis or treatment, there should be no hesitation in consulting an expert.
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